Other firms may put their profits first…

Horizon Consultancies Ltd puts you first.

Only by placing you at the core of everything we do can we truly meet your needs. And we do this by learning about you and your family and providing fully objective advice, deep experience and strong fundamentals in fee-only custom financial planning and investment management. From its founding, Horizon Consultancies Ltd has been a pioneer in fee-only services that replace commissions with putting the client’s best interest first.

Investment Management

Investment decisions at Horizon Consultancies Ltd are made for each client using a comprehensive, personal, and truly objective approach.

We take a value-oriented view, strive to reduce risk and use independent ideas to seek portfolio growth. The award-winning investment committee, shapes and manages your assets in several distinctive ways. Here’s how we tailor your account to meet your specific needs.

How we tailor your account





First, we will help determine your time horizon, spending, risk tolerance and vision for the life you want for yourself and your family. With that important roadmap in hand, we evaluate your assets, compensation and property ownership to design a portfolio that maximizes tax benefits.

Then we take care of all the details: opening and transferring your accounts, making investment transactions and handling the record keeping aspects of managing your assets.

Integrated Financial Planning

Beyond investing, Horizon Consultancies Ltd specializes in financial planning. Our analyses and retirement planning are highly sophisticated to protect your future.

Our team of financial planners are specialists in a number of areas, the leading designation in the field. Using your goals as a guide, we craft the best solutions for your needs.