Welcome to Horizon Consultancies Ltd

At Horizon Consultancies Ltd, we are all about relationships built on trust. And that begins with a personal approach to Financial Advice. Every journey is unique. So first and foremost, we listen to our client’s hopes and dreams. Then we develop tailored plans with objective recommendations. Because in the end, few things are more important than the confidence and the freedom to live life your way.

An Independent

Our independent perspective allows us to offer you an unbiased approach to serving your investment needs. Our commitment to our clients is to provide quality advice, impeccable service, and diverse financial resources.

Choose the right path
for your retirement

Everybody’s path is different and your retirement plan should reflect this. Our bespoke solutions are designed to help you get to the retirement you deserve. We can provide solutions that help to reshape the landscape.

Industry And
Market Insights

Our financial advisors have a deep, technical understanding of current and previous market fundamentals as well as long-standing relationships with independent geologists, meteorologists and petroleum engineers.

Choose the right
Insurance Policy

Purchasing insurance for your business can be complicated and time-consuming, but it is also critically important. We understand the different types of insurance policies that your company requires.

3 Key Steps For Our Clients

Horizon Consultancies Ltd´s mission is to optimize the financial strength of our clients.

In order to implement this mission, we adhere to the “Three Levels” of client service.


Horizon Consultancies Ltd is committed to helping you with more than simply putting your assets in order, we also give you the comfort of knowing that it all can be accessed in one place.


Understanding your hopes and aspirations will help guide our planning and focus our advice as we prioritize your life’s objectives.


In planning for a financial future, unknowns will occur. Having a plan for the “what ifs” in life can help safeguard you from obstacles that may impede your objectives. 

Finding the Path to Success:

We assist wealth building through curated products with
high reliability and profitability, and a focus on managed solutions.

Growing wealth allows you to free up your time, but the process of wealth creation can consume it”

Let us help you with a managed wealth building solution.

Our Services


If you are not certain where you are now, we can help you get a clear idea of your financial position as well as where you want to get to in the future.


Our professional Investment Advisors help you devise your personal investment strategy tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Our savings strategies involve our unique proprietary and third-party saving vehicles. Your financial future is in good hands with our training and support.


We provide professional services to help restructure your company, make your business more efficient or increase productivity and profitability.


We take time to look beyond your portfolio with you and learn about your needs, wants and aspirations. This way we prepare you for your possibilities.


Retirement changes your routine, your income and your taxes. Find out how you can get the maximum out of your pension to life the lifestyle you’ve earned.

Lump Sum Investment

A financial advisor helps you create a balanced and diversified portfolio built around your financial goals and attitude towards risk.

Investment Management

Our Portfolio Management Service is designed to expertly look after your investments and save you the time.

Retirement Planning

Get valuable advice to calculate your retirement needs and the best strategy to draw an income.

Estate Planning

Get valuable advice to calculate your retirement needs and the best strategy to draw an income.

Portfolio Restructuring

Get professional advice to find out if you are invested in the right assets or if your portfolio is set to meet your objectives.